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Nanny of the Maroons of Jamaica, affectionately known as Grandee Nanny (Grandy Nanny) was an eighteenth century Jamaican woman warrior, who led the Maroons, escaped slaves to fight the British forces to a military stalemate. This situation forced the British to call for a peace treaty, which Nanny turned down. Jamaican Maroon stronghold of Nanny Town, located in the islands Blue Mountains is named after Grandy Nanny. Nanny, whose effigy appears on Jamaica’s five hundred dollar paper currency, is now one of Jamaica’s National heroes. This is what Kamau Brathwaite, a leading expert on Caribbean History and Culture says about Grandy Nanny:

 “With Nanny, the big thing really is her buttocks. I think, that is where really the whole thing rests. Wherever you turn, you get the image of the woman with the buttocks, who turns toward the enemy, catches the bullets into these buttocks and fats them back out – successfully – at the enemy” (Brathwaite 1994: 120). Survival of Nanny Town, as a maroon hideout depended on its relations with the Seaman's Valley area during the colonial period and even after emancipation. (See Seaman’s Valley link>>)






Several images of Nanny exist but these Images here are the more popular representations


For more on Nanny and Nanny Town see Agorsah, E. K. Maroon Heritage: Archaeological Ethnographic and Historical Perspectives (1994), Kingston, Canoe Press. (Link>>>> Nanny Town)


Moore town Maroon